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Framed Door Kit for Kubota RTV-X900, X1120

Framed Door Kit for Kubota RTV-X900, X1120

Item No:SM-06012
  • FITS:Kubota RTVX900 & RTVX1120D
  • INSTALLATION:1-1.5 Hours

Product Overview

These Doors will work with most any hard roof and almost any windshield. No other set of doors has this flexibility. At any price. They’ll work with whatever parts you already have, saving you the cost of replacing those parts.

Key Specifications

Sturdy ¾" tubular steel frame and steel door latch

Durable UV resistant PVC coated heavyweight nylon fabric

Easy installation, no drilling required, doesn't void any warranties

The whole door comes off in seconds, no tools required

Upper door covers are easily removable for ventilation

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