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Tractor Cab Enclosure for Kubota B Series (Requires Canopy)
Kubota B7610 with Aftermarket Fiberglass Canopy

Tractor Cab Enclosure for Kubota B Series (Requires Canopy)

  • NOTE:This enclosure requires a canopy.
  • FITS:Please call to verify availability for your specific tractor.
  • SPECIAL ORDER:This item is a custom hand-made product. Allow for added production time.
  • SPECIAL ORDER:Once production begins there is a cancellation fee.

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Product Overview

Our tractor cabs are the best-in-class for craftmanship, materials and unique features. We simplify all of our cab enclosures patterns to minimize the chance for errors. The cleanable durable materials will give you many years of enjoyment. The tractor cabs unique all season ventilation system and sliding side doors are firsts in the industry. REQUIRES CANOPY - FIBERGLASS RECOMMENDED. The canopy acts as the support structure for all of our cab enclosures no other frame work is necessary.

Tractor Cab Enclosure Storage Bag ï¾œ All tractor enclosures come with a tractor cab enclosure storage bag and paper or foam which should be reused between the glass to protect it from scratching during storage of the cab enclosures. The bag zips shut with a #10 zipper and is light weight and easy to handle.
tractor cab storage bag 
Tractor Cab Enclosure Sliding Doors ï¾œ Our custom tractor enclosures come with a sliding door which does not have to be removed from the tractor but instead can be slid back on the slide tracks into the area behind the seat where the fender. The door can be quickly opened and closed by either using Velcro or zippers and slid back and forth for additional ventilation or access in and out of the Tractor Cab . Each Velcro flap can be rolled out of the way so it does not impede into the zipper area when zippers are used. This patent pending design is unique to our cab enclosures and makes for a user friendly experience in not having to find a location to store the door.
tractor cab sliding door
Tractor Cab Enclsoure U-Zips w/Tie Down Straps ï¾œ The front and rear windows come with a u-zip sections that can be zipped in both directions to allow for as much ventilation as you desire and can increase visibility in inclement weather. The tie down straps are used to roll up and secure the u-zip portion of the window when rolled all the way down and the tie down straps store away on snaps when not in use.
tractor cab uzip windshield
Cab Enclosure Engine Collar ï¾œ The tractor enclosure engine cowling is surrounded by an elastic pocket that is used to seal the area around the engine and prevent air leakage into the tractor cab .
Visibility ï¾œ Our engineers focus on maximum visibility and due to their knowledge of driving tractors incoporate the optimum locations to include glass. We review both front and back operation and light positions so it is safe for on road driving. The triangular reflector is the responsibility of the user since in some applications the tractor cab enclosure will cover some of this feature.
tractor cab visbility 
Ingress and Egress ï¾œ The doors are designed for maximum entry and exit from the tractor cab . The storage of the doors on the sliders make this a engineering challenge on some tractor models. We do everything it can to support the largest opening it can for the user. Easy Velcro or zippers can be used to close the drivers door for quicker access.
tractor cab enclosure ingress and egress 
Tractor Cab Enclosure Dealer Branding - Certain tractor enclosures can be destinguished by adding a logo of the OEM, Dealer  or Company to the side panels rearward of the doors. This can be used to customize a fleet of construction vehicles or a farm and advertise the company to gain further exposure. There is a small additional cost for a silk screen tool or embrodiery design and patch and a minimum of 15 cab enclosures these can vary in makes and/or models.

Key Specifications

30-45 Minutes

2-4 Weeks

Customer Reviews

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Sell Sheet

Note:  All items are warrantied directly by the manufacturer.  All warranty items must be returned directly to the manufacturer (not Wiedmann Bros.) after having obtained an RGA number from that manufacturer.

Tractor Cab Enclosure Warranty -  Warranty applies to the original purchaser that the tractor cab products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the original invoice date. 
Materials are warrantied for 90 days by textile manufacturer for material flaws not for misuse or damage due to accident or environmental causes like dew, acid rain, bacteria or mold caused by storing the tractor enclosure wet. All seasonal storage should be done so the panels are all laid flat whenever possible. The storage bag that is included is intended for temporary storage not long term storage.
A Return Authorization number must be obtained prior to any shipment of our products back to us for consideration of refund or repair. Any shipment returned without the proper authorization code can be returned at the customer's expense. Please contact us at our posted phone number above for receipt of this number and authorization. All returned products are sent at the owners own risk.

Installation Guide

Downloadable PDFs

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.

Easy Assembly Tractor Cab Enclosure installation steps:

  1. Put roof top cover on over fiberglass roof  - label sew in back of the cover
  2. Zip panels onto roof top zippers and slide doors into slide rail then zip together panels allow them to hang for a couple of hours
  3. Connect strap under tractor and pull tight make sure it is not rubbing against something hot where it might burn through the webbing. Cut off any excess webbing and burn the edge with a lighter so it doesn't have the ability to continue to unravel.
  4. Bend over tabs around fenders and body at all tab locations, stretch the elastic hooks and connect them at the fenders, floor board and around the rear areas near seat making sure that all fabric is out of the way of any implements that may be attached. 
  5. Connect front rear and side hooks through grommets (attached to the elastic straps) and install as necessary as defined in step above.

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