Pro 3B Power Bagger for Zero Turn Mowers: Z400 Kommander Series

Pro 3B Power Bagger for Zero Turn Mowers: Z400 Kommander Series

Item No:PC-K1315
Price: $2,994.99
  • FITS:Kubota Z400 Series Zero Turn Mowers with 48", 54" & 60" Decks
  • INSTALLATION:< 3 Hours
  • CAPACITY:15 Cubic Feet Capacity (12 Bushels)
  • ***NOTE***:Adds 10" overall in width
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Designed for professional cutting, with improved, heavy duty components.
  • Professional quality mid-mounted blower for better performance
  • 4-blade steel impeller
  • Cast aluminum blower housing and boot
  • Self-tensioning drive belt
  • Electric-clutch engagement
  • Durable but lightweight top
  • 15 Cubic foot capacity
  • Minimal added weight to deck = better cut quality
  • Fast changes between discharging and collecting
  • Blower in the middle of the flow = fewer clogs
  • Adds 10" overall in width
The PECO PTO drive is a unique way to power our LawnVacs. So unique, in fact, that it has been granted a US patent (number 7,311,626). Unlike other baggers whose blowers are mounted on the deck and driven by a pulled attached to a deck spindle, our blowers take their power directly from the engine. By replacing the bushing in the mower’s PTO clutch with a custom-designed pulley, we are able to create a powered collection system that operates independently of the mower’s deck. Engaging the bagger separately from the deck reduces start up strain on the engine and belts. This revolutionary design has several advantages over traditional deck driven designs. Perhaps most importantly, it takes the heaviest component of the collection system off the deck and attaches it to the mower frame. This keeps the deck balanced the way the mower manufacturer intended it to be, preventing quality of cut issues caused by lopsided decks. Placing the blower in the middle of the debris flow takes better advantage of the decks discharge and is less likely to clog. Because the deck boot is easily removed, switching back and forth between discharging and collecting is a simple one-pin operation. Making the professional landscaper’s life just a little easier.

Framed in Heavy-Duty Steel

No tools necessary to remove or re-attach after the initial installation

Low Profile for better visibility and stability

Designed for the professional landscape

Adds 10" overall in width


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